opendreambox-1.5 moved to our server

Ladies and Gentlemen,

we decided to use our own Git repository as the main repository for opendreambox-1.5 from now on. This requires developers to update their Makefiles. While at it, we also created a local bitbake repository and backported support for fetching URLs from Git from a recent version to our ancient bitbake 1.4.2.

It is not recommended to use this Makefile with existing installations. Please start a new build environment instead. Otherwise you’d have to manually change to the new repository and delete the “bb” directory.

So, have a lot of fun using the new
Makefile-opendreambox-1.5! Please report any difficulties showing up with this new version.

[Update 2009/11/20]
Because of recurring problems with the git2svn gateway we used for enigma2, and because our version of bitbake is now able to handle Git repositories, we decided to disable the SVN repository completely. If you came here, because this caused your build to break, you should update your Makefile-opendreambox-1.5 now.

Developers, who already updated their Makefiles after the move of opendreambox-1.5, are also encouraged to update again. Today’s Makefile automatically updates bitbake whenever a new version becomes available.

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