Version 2.0 of the opendreambox distribution is now available for download. It’s based on the “denzil” release of OpenEmbedded. You can get the Documentation in PDF and plaintext formats or browse the Git repository online.

Quick start:

git clone -b denzil git://
cd opendreambox
make help
make update
make image MACHINE=dm7020hd

6 thoughts on “opendreambox-2.0

  1. reza

    Hi . I tried the above procedure and get no error. In witch directory I can find the nfi image. thanks for reply.

  2. hans

    I have problems with watching mms stream with my DM800 HD SE. How to resolve this? wma and wmv playing?

  3. Keld


    Version 20130503 OE2.0 DM7020HD has a problem with IPv6.
    If I use ipv6.ko from an earlier version ist okay


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